Truly Golden Oldies & Original Compositions by a Music Maker.

Live Performance

“The residents always look forward to his performance of 'Music of Yesteryear'. They love hearing and singing along to the songs they recognize from their generation and into the 50's”
Nicole Audibert, Activity Director
The Village at Gordon House
Gordonsville, Virginia
“His choice of songs is perfect for the elderly, the volume is the right level and his warm personality shines through as he communicates with the audience”
Cynthia Marterre, MH Activities Coordinator
Bishop Gadsen Retirement Community
Charleston, South Carolina
“The residents were raving about the program!”
Catherine Blanche, Activities Director
Aspen Gayton Terrace (Independent & Assisted Living)
Richmond, Virginia
Bob Loves to Play
(over 150 performances per year)

Bob has been performing for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care residents at retirement facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region (and beyond) for the last ten years. Requests for his “Music Of Yesteryear” programs have steadily grown since 2005. Bob says that without a doubt, this is the most enjoyable endeavor he has ever undertaken.

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Music & CDs

Life & Times (Bob's New CD)
(All Original Compositions)
  1. “Celebrate Virginia” - Ode to a beautiful State.
  2. “Maybe Baby” - Figuring out the ‘Boy-Girl’ thing.
  3. “Puttin’ Me On” - Nashville recording, sung by Gina West.
  4. “Goodbye To Love” – A ‘Break-up’ ditty.
  5. “Jeannie Lee” - How my wife & I got together.
  6. “Runaway Heart” - Emotions involved in a new romance.
  7. “Falling In Love” - Rosy revision of ‘Goodbye To Love’.
  8. “Never Again” - Sums up the courtship.
  9. “Pardon Me” - Explaining yourself to a lovely lass.
  10. “Field Sobriety Hop” - Envisioned as a line-dance for MTV
  11. “Mail Box Blues” with lyrical help from Norman Lawrence.
  12. “Molly Bolyn” – An experiment in Meter and Story Telling
  13. “Oh, Virginia” - My State Song entry-sung by Katy Benko
A New Look at Some Old Favorites
(Bob's 2010 CD)

These are ten of the most popular Public Domain songs that seniors still enjoy. I have used (non-traditional) musical backgrounds behind each tune, in an attempt to make them sound 'Fresh'.

Virginia State Song

Bob's composition, "Oh, Virginia" has a chance of becoming Virginia's new state song. In 1998, the Virginia state legislature began a public contest to replace the current state song, "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia". The committee was greatly surprised when they received more than 375 entries. After several elimination rounds, they eventually narrowed the list of possible winners down to what they deemed the eight Grand Finalists. Bob's composition, “Oh, Virginia” is among the eight. A lawsuit against the committee by a certain disgruntled composer (not Bob) effectively 'shut down' the contest for nearly 15(!) years. Bob remains hopeful...

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Bob Clouse

A man in search of an audience...still

In the years before he lost his pick-up truck.. was sweet.

After the family dog expired..

..he's never been the same.

Other bob facts

Bob formerly taught instrumental and vocal music in public schools and holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees in music education.

Bob really enjoys composing music, some of it ‘Serious’, most of it ‘Not Very’.

Bob is one of the ‘Grand Finalists’ in the search for a new Virginia State Song. His entry, “Oh, Virginia” can be heard on his website - Bob hopes to live long enough to see a decision made by the selection committee. The contest started in 1998. The wheels turn slowly.

If you have extra time (a considerable amount) ask Bob about his seven grandkids.

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